Pandemic Parenting


Pandemic Parenting: An MER VOX folio

Curated by J.L. Scott

Parenting is always a challenge, even in the best of circumstances. Parenting during a pandemic, when fears for safety are high and opportunities for distraction and activity are limited, is especially challenging. Sometimes, though, the challenges we face end up shedding light on some aspect of ourselves, our lives, our children and yes, even our parenting, that ends making things better. The following works come from mothers covering the gamut of challenges, from the heart wrenching to the heart warming, during this time of Pandemic Parenting.


Jane Yolen
Susan McGee Bailey
Serena Agusto-Cox
Rebecca Brock
Lisa Romano Licht
Chelsea Reiter
Alexandra Umlas
M.M. DeVoe



Featured image:
“All I have is yours” by Elise Gagliardi.   36×48 inches Oil on canvas.

Elise Gagliardi is an experimental multi-media artist living, working, and raising 3 children in Kansas City. She uses varying materials such as; photography, watercolor, cutouts, and fabric. In her work, she addresses the complex nuances of motherhood, memory, nostalgia, remembrance, and dependency through visual storytelling. She studied photography and painting at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She graduated and received her BFA in 2006.


J.L. Scott writes literary, speculative, YA and romance fiction. She holds a BA in Fiction from Ashland University, an MA in Fiction from Cleveland State University and an MFA in Fiction from Ashland University. She teaches writing at all levels, from composition to creative writing, at several universities. Her textbook on collegiate writing is used by Ashland University for their Correctional Education program, the largest prison-education program in the country. She lives with her two children in rural Ohio, and spends the spare time she doesn’t have on painting and refurbishing old furniture.



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