Authors’ Notes

Authors' Notes
An Interview With Katie Manning

Interview with Katie Manning on her Poetry Chapbook 28,065 Nights by Eric Van Gorden and Makenzie McGee   In a previous visit with us, you said that “Your Death Explained in Birds” was originally placed at the end of the…

Authors' Notes
Author’s Note – Athena Dixon

Athena Dixon On Writing The Incredible Shrinking Woman The Incredible Shrinking Woman opens with an essay, “A Goddess Makes Platanos,” that takes places in the center of chaos and redemption. In the mind of the woman who experienced it,…

Authors' Notes
Author’s Note – Margo Orlando Littell

Margo Orlando Littell on The Distance from Four Points My Characters’ Trapped-in-Amber Fate When I started writing The Distance from Four Points in 2013, pandemics were something safely tucked away in the world of science fiction or dystopian…

Authors' Notes
Marjorie Maddox – Author’s Note

Marjorie Maddox On Writing Inside Out: Poems on Writing and Reading Poems with Insider Exercises   I didn’t plan on publishing a book during a pandemic. You may not have planned on reading it then, either. But, since most of…

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