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MER VOX Quarterly – Fall 2021

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September 15, 2021



MER VOX Quarterly – Fall 2021

In this issue, two folios of work focus on aspects of women’s lives and motherhood.

“Fifty Plus and Fabulous: We Write Our Stories” is a rich folio of work by poets illuminating the experiences, challenges, and wisdom of that demographic in surprising ways. Curator JP Howard notes, “This folio centers, celebrates and uplifts the powerful words of age fifty and plus women writers who are also Mamas, because our stories/our words/our narratives deserve to be celebrated and uplifted…”

“Mother Figures: Other Mothers” is the first of a series of folios to be published online this year focused on unique interpretations of the Mother Figures theme, which will also be the theme of our upcoming (April 2022) print issue. “Other Mothers” reminds readers that “mother” is a verb as well as a noun. It sheds light on how relatives, role models, mentors, and even nature can “mother.”

Reviews of current and to-be-released books round out the issue. Enjoy!


Fifty Plus and Fabulous: We Write Our Stories

Curated by JP Howard


Featured Writers
Catherine Gigante-Brown
H.E. Fisher
Shalewa Macall
Lynne McEniry
Theta Pavis
Martina McGowan
Cheryl Fish
Kathey Engels
Annis Cassells
Golda Solomon
Carol Dorf


Mother Figures: Other Mothers


Featured poets:
Margo Berdeshevsky – She Wasn’t Quite My Mother…But…
Donna Katzin  – For Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Hilary King – In An Almost Empty Room With Ellen Bryant Voigt
Tsaurah Litzky –  Alba for My Grandmother
Annie Pluto – Mother to Remember
Golda Solomon –  Jazz is My Mother
Lisa C. Taylor –  Heirlooms
Colette Tennant –  Tidepools



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