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Care – A MER VOX Folio

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A MER VOX Folio of Poetry and Prose




“Care” is a word with many shades of meaning. Although not strictly a contronym, it is a “Janus word” of a sort, in that it gazes out in opposing directions. Care encompasses both nurture and travail, the bestowal of affection and the consequences of its withholding; there is care we take or give and are or aren’t given. There are cares we endure, survive. Deep in the heart of winter, as we celebrate romantic love, it seems appropriate also to explore areas of the heart made tender by loss or pain as well as by affection.  We take heart and lose heart, wear our hearts on our sleeve and eat our hearts out.  And we learn some things by heart.  May the words you read here, missives from others’ hearts, somehow do your own heart good. –Marjorie Tesser



Rebecca Brock
Wendy Brown-Báez
Lorraine Currelley
Ann Fisher-Wirth
Erin McGuff-Pennington
Bruce Moody
Aimee Pozorski
Skip Renker
Christine Stewart-Nuñez
Elaine Terranova


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