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Here, At Home – A Folio of Non-Fiction

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Here, At Home

My current creative life is a ritual performed only for myself. A site-specific, home-bound durational piece. – – Lauren Sharpe, “Domesticity, Now”

In recent weeks our relationships with our homes have significantly shifted. But even in steadier times “home” is subject to exigencies and is also itself a source of strength. In this folio, writers of non-fiction explore interplay among experience, motherhood, and home.


Kelly Bargabos – “All There Is”
“The receptionist who collects the tickets unlocks the front door. The narrow hallway fills up.”

Sarah W. Bartlett – “Coming Home”
“… I’ve been searching for a sense of home since childhood.”

Joanna Bettelheim – “Our Ex, Carol”
“My father married my mother, whose name is Carolyn. After they divorced, he dated Carol.”

Laura Dennis – “It’s Not Always Headline News”
“Every morning, the same routine. Sip my coffee. Scan the news. Gasp at the pain in my gut.”

Lisa Hase-Jackson – “Cucumbers in July”
“I keep forgetting to buy cucumbers…Other things on my mind, too, like my mother’s cancer…”

Lauren Sharpe – “Domesticity, Now”
“Sometimes, I pretend to be a baby so that my 4-year-old can pretend to teach me how to talk…”

Megan Sound – “Bright, Shining Light”
“I imagine some day I will tell my daughter about how, when she occupied my womb, I ate foods I believed would make her strong. ..”


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