Sarah Dixon – Mother Bunting Project


Mother Bunting – Sarah Dixon and Contributing Artists


Bunting, that repeating triangle flag of cheeriness that decorates birthday parties and festivities, is now in the hands of feminist artists. Sarah Dixon, an artist based in Stroud, England, offers her Mother Bunting template for women to share their experiences of motherhood. Her original template, included here, opens up the boundaries of motherhood for everyone to tell “what is actually going on.” Maybe you screamed at your children this morning, or your body feels trashed. Maybe you lost your child, or are plagued by doubt, lack of sleep, or despair. There you are, at the party, smiling, and not saying any of this. Dixon champions women telling it like it is. These eight artists used her template in diverse, compelling ways. An embroidered fetus, lushly cushioned in colors and folds, centers in the home of the mother’s triangle. An exploration of the total explosion of absolute NOISE that happens with children surrounds the suggestion to “accept” these sounds. A beautiful vagina, hairy with black lace, spills out of the edges of society’s rigid bikini lines. Another bit of black lace with a knowing attitude styles a wine glass that overlays an innocent nursery print with giraffes and elephants. An anime-inspired family scene depicts a mother holding a steady space for two children, including crying baby and bottle, her firm determination mixed in with the authenticity of her smile. Another piece offers the stark reminder that “not all mothers have children.” Here at Mom Egg Review, we celebrate the varieties of motherhood, and we salute Sarah and her fellow artists. How would you style your triangle? –Ana Silva, Gallery Editor

Helena Alipaz              Mother Bunting
Uta Baldouf                Mother Bunting
Sharon Bennett         3 Pregnancies, 2 Babies, 1 Family
Katharina Child         Motherbunting by Kath no 2
Sarah Dixon               Three Months In a piece of ‘Mother Bunting’
Emily Hall                   Half full – Half empty
Lynda Sterling           Mother Bunting – #thingstodobirds
Luana Venuti             Busy Mum

Mother Bunting Template – Sarah Dixon



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