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Mom Egg Review 14

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MER14Mom Egg Review Vol. 14 “Change”

– Welcome to Mom Egg Review Vol. 14! This issue explores “Change.”

Change can be a lightning bolt, a bud’s unfurling, or the inexorable melt of ice caps. A body swells with pregnancy, bends with illness, shrinks with age; a couple evolves or severs; a child slowly cycles through a myriad of incarnations. Or tornado, bomb, gunshot.

Change is acute and cyclical, rhythmic and cataclysmic, personal and political, abstract and physical, natural and un-, absolute and incremental, often too gradual or too precipitous.

Change is not just one-directional flow, something that happens to us; we can affect its course, embrace, finesse, challenge, or stem it. Mothers often serve as society’s first responders and interlocutors of change for children and, often, others. There is also change that we make. Mothers effect change by example and by action, by our works—life and art.

The works in this issue look unblinkingly at change; they investigate, interrogate, and even implement change, local and global. Enjoy the frank, thoughtful, and powerful poems and stories in this issue. May they inspire you to create the good changes needed in your world.

Mom Egg Review Vol. 14 “Change”
Paper, 118 pages.

Marjorie Tesser

Poetry Editor
Jennifer Jean

Readers for Vol. 14
Jessie Bacho
Patrice Boyer Claeys
Elizabeth Lara
Jennifer Martelli
Ana C.H. Silva
Becky Tipper
Cindy Veach
Nancy Vona
Paulette Warren



Kelli Russell Agodon
E.J. Antonio
Robyn Art
Felice Aull
Lisa Badner
Tess Barry
Sarah W. Bartlett
Deborah Batterman
Margo Berdeshevsky
Emily R. Blumenfeld
Dana Bowman
Maria Brandt
Lisa Marie Brodsky
Patricia Brody
Jennifer Brooke
Carla Carlson
Judith Waller Carroll
Deb Casey
Fay Chiang
Laura A. Ciraolo
Patrice Boyer Claeys
Marion Cohen
Nadia Colburn
Barbara Crooker
Lorraine Currelley
Jenifer DeBellis
Sally Deskins
Kelly Dolejsi
Carol Dorf
Katherine Durham Oldmixon
Rachel Edmonds
Joanne Esser
Sarah Evans
Kate Falvey
Ann Fisher-Wirth
Brett Foster
Cindy Frenkel
Nancy Gerber
Sarah Ghoshal
Therese Gilardi
Heather Haldeman
Lois Marie Harrod
JP Howard
Alison Condie Jaenicke
Angelique Johnston
Donna Katzin
Sarah Kennedy
Dr. Juanita Kirton
Melissa Knox
Sandra Kohler
Lori Lamothe
Carol Levin
Owen Lewis
Tsaurah Litzky
Charlotte Mandell
Jennifer Martelli
Jessica Martinez
Ann E. Michael
Tracy Mishkin
Wendy Mnookin
Carley Moore
Eve Packer
Laura Sloan Patterson
Theta Pavis
Amy Pence
Puma Perl
Andrea Potos
Zara Raab
Margaret Rapp
Gwen North Reiss
Martha Joy Rose
Margaret Rozga
Kassie Rubico
Cathie Sandstrom
Amy Sawyer
Marian Kaplun Shapiro,
Martha Silano
Ana C. H. Silva
Meghan Smith
Maura Snell
Jamie Stern
Kelli Stevens Kane
Christine Stewart-Nuñez
L.J. Sysko
Claudia Van Gerven
Wendy Vardaman
Cindy Veach
Susan Vespoli
Kimberly Weikert
Hilde Weisert
Elisabeth Weiss
John Wojtowicz
Megan Wynne


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