Mom Egg Review 14 “Change” PDF


Mom Egg Review 14 “Change” PDF

Downloadable PDF version of the issue.

Mom Egg Review 14 “Change” PDF

PDF download version.

Welcome to Mom Egg Review Vol. 14! This issue explores “Change.”

Change is not just one-directional flow, something that happens to us; we can affect its course, embrace, finesse, challenge, or stem it. Mothers often serve as society’s first responders and interlocutors of change for children and, often, others. There is also change that we make. Mothers effect change by example and by action, by our works—life and art.

The works in this issue look unblinkingly at change; they investigate, interrogate, and even implement change, local and global. Enjoy the frank, thoughtful, and powerful poems and stories in this issue. May they inspire you to create the good changes needed in your world.

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