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Poetry – Jules Jacob

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Jules Jacob

Land of Collective Misunderstandings


I wheel soil from a stranger’s yard.
Steal clover to lure bees. Search online
for mason jars and an apiarist willing
to travel more than fifty miles away.
I want chemical-free land
but there’s invasive wisteria
and wintercreeper in the yard,
Roundup in the garage.
I study consumer reports about cereals
and snack bars tainted with glyphosate,
pour Honey Nut Cheerios
into my granddaughters’ bowls


Jules Jacob’s poems are featured in MER, Lily Poetry Review, Plume, Rust + Moth, and elsewhere. She’s the co-author of Rappaccini’s Garden (forthcoming White Stag Publishing) with Sonja Johanson and author of The Glass Sponge (Finishing Line Press). Jules reads for Lily Poetry Review and can be found at


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