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Summer / Girl – A Literary Folio

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Summer / Girl –

A Literary Folio

Featuring poetry, fiction, and prose


Richelle Buccilli – Dear Backyard Honeysuckle
Vanessa Napolitano – Yellow Cabinet
Emily Patterson – Near the Fourth of July in a Pandemic
Kelly Sue White – River Summer
Terri Linton – Boogie Down Girls
Tiffany Sciacca – P.F. 1982
Elizabeth Fergason – Behindland/August
Jennifer Jean – Nature
Quinn Rennerfeldt – Goodwill In The Era of Girls
Mary Lou Buschi – Spotting
Susanna Rich – Last Night Before Viet Nam
D.W. McKinney – Sun Tea
Nicole Callihan – Summer Sorrows
Lindsay Adkins – Untitled
Elisabeth Adwin Edwards – Nectarine
Jessica Purdy – The Elephant’s Child


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