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Range of Motherhood

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Range of Motherhood

An MER VOX folio curated by J.L. Scott



The experience of motherhood is so wide and varied that there is no way that a single volume of anything could hope to represent it all. The works in this folio, though, help to shine a light on those voices that are sometimes left out of the conversation. Hopefully they help to better expose the beautifully wide range of motherhood.

~J.L. Scott

Featured writers:
Naomi J. Williams
Sophie Rhem
Pooja Ugrani
Meghan Trask Smith
Onita Morgan Edwards
Eloísa Pérez-Lozano
Janet Garber
Jennifer L. Freed
Nicole Hospital-Medina


J.L. Scott writes literary, speculative, YA and romance fiction. She holds a BA in Fiction from Ashland University, an MA in Fiction from Cleveland State University and an MFA in Fiction from Ashland University. She teaches writing at all levels, from composition to creative writing, at several universities. Her textbook on collegiate writing is used by Ashland University for their Correctional Education program, the largest prison-education program in the country. She lives with her two children in rural Ohio, and spends the spare time she doesn’t have on painting and refurbishing old furniture.


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