Mom Egg Review 16 PDF


This issue of Mom Egg Review looks at PLAY and WORK through the lens of motherhood.  Celebrated and emerging literary writers explore the following themes:

The work of mothering, of creating art, of office work, housework, school work, political work, physical labor. Life’s work. Work that’s respected and work that’s denigrated. Jobs that lift you up and jobs that suck your soul. Our mothers’ and fathers’ work. The work of nurture. Work for pay, work for love, work for duty. Working on ourselves and working on our kids or on relationships. Working out. Working it out. And of course, we’re interested in the interplay between work and play.And also–How do mothers play: with children, with partners, with friends, on their own? How do children play at various stages? Is it irresponsible to play in a damaged world—or necessity? What types of play nourish you, and which are playing with fire? Is play as enjoyable as it’s cracked up to be? Is your work your play? Read MER 16 for the insights of fine literary writing on a mother’s world of work and play.

A PDF copy of our latest MER issue, Mothers Work Mothers Play. A copy will be sent to the email address listed in the order.