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Mom Egg Review publishes reviews of recent books (including chapbooks) of poetry, fiction and creative prose, by mother writers, and of books focused on motherhood or women’s experiences and issues.  If you are interested in having your book reviewed, please visit Book Review Request for more info. 

If you are interested in reviewing books for us, please check out our page of Books for Review and Guidelines, and then email us at [email protected]

Book Reviews
We Are Not Wearing Helmets by Cheryl Boyce Taylor

Review by Glenis Redmond In We are not Wearing Helmets, Cheryl Boyce Taylor populates the poetic landscape with flowers: Hibiscus. Delphiniums. Morning glories. Petunias. Peonies. Cosmos. Hydrangeas. Moonflowers. The litany goes on and on, proving how this Trinidadian poet not only…

Book Reviews
Ways the World Could End by Kim Hooper

Review by Emily Webber   Ways the World Could End, Kim Hooper’s latest novel, is intricately constructed and deals with mourning, sexual identity, developmental disorders, confronting secrets, acts of violence, and the complicated act of forgiveness. There’s a lot…

Book Reviews
Blame It On The Serpent by Susan Vespoli

Review by Dylan Ward The uncharted territory of parenthood is both wildly unforgiving and rewarding. With Blame It on the Serpent, Susan Vespoli explores the joys, fears, and sorrows of parenting. Traversing time and place, she threads together an…

Book Reviews
Linea Nigra by Jazmina Barrera

Linea Nigra: An Essay on Pregnancy & Earthquakes by Jazmina Barrera, Translated by Christina MacSweeney Review by Kimberly Lee As is custom, Jazmina Barrera’s latest work begins with a dedication: “To whom it concerns (Silvestre, Alejandro, and Tere) and to…

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